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totaltvTV how it should be. 
Over 50 channels
straight to your PC.

Broadcast quality, pin sharp pictures. Just like you get on your normal telly, right there on your laptop or PC screen.

Prepare to be dazzled! Over 50 channels of entertainment, music, sport, movies and more direct to your halls of residence room through your University’s high-speed network.

We know what you’re saying: ‘How do I get it?’

Well, see that link on the left? The ‘get started’ one?  Click on it and it’ll take you straight to a Laptopdownload page where you can get the free software you need to view Freewire TV on your PC.

It should only take a minute or two. And once it’s loaded, you’ll be ready to enjoy 24 of your favourite channels FREE, plus loads more top entertainment for just £6.12 a month with our Freewire Extra package.